Thursday, 29 October 2015

are you a change agent/activator or are you a facilitator?

This video of an interview with Dr. John Hattie "Visible Learning - An interview with Dr. John Hattie" discusses self-regulation and life long learning.

 I appreciated the term "Activator" vs "facilitator". Surface vs deep knowledge and how most teachers teach more to surface learning instead of ACTIVATING learning. To be an activator, you are active!  'Its not about what teachers do - but how they think - know their impact on students learning'. "It's not who teaches art, it's not what they do, it's how they think". 'Evidence of learning is more than just test scores'.  "how do I know this is working?"...... "It's about growth", "are you a change agent or a facilitator?".....Good stuff!!

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