Thursday, 29 October 2015

Hi everyone,

Here is the link to my video assignment.

I was initially reluctant to try another video after making one once before (using Muv***), let's just say I was ready to throw my computer out the window  and I was not looking at all forward to making another.

However, once I got going, I was really getting into it, infact I was enjoying it so much I had to do many redo's because I was over my 5 minutes. I could see this being a bit addictive now! lol.

I am more familiar with the software now and trying to upload it, etc. I think for me, it becomes a balance of how much content and audio, a learning curve for sure. Anyway, I really liked the CIQ and plan to use it in my classroom. I have tried a version of this where I get students to journal their learning but I haven't done a 2 part (CIQ assessment) where I am also reviewing my teaching, so I will definitely attempt that.  I believe I addressed all the guiding questions and I really did enjoy it!

The reason I chose this technique and tool is that when I seek feedback from my students I am often wanting more information, more specific information and I don't have much to work with. The students are in such a hurry to get on with their day that I am left with feedback such as "everything was good" or "I wouldn't change anything"......what can I do with that?!

I also find that when students journal it is often superficial and the student is reluctant to really reflect, go deeper in their experience,  so this seemed like a new possibility for me to try. I have tried versions of this before but not quite like this, so I am going to try it. The research says it is very effective and I am all for tried and true tips and tricks to improve my delivery, facilitation, activation, anything & everything .....I am trying it very soon!!

There are many pros to this strategy, deeper learning and reflection on the students part, improved delivery/education from content they give to the teacher. The teacher gets to improve and have a greater understanding of what is really happening with re: learning in the classroom. The  only cons I can see are 1. the students will need to understand why it is important if we are to get their buy-in.
2.  it will be more work for both the learner and educator, but  it will be well worth the rewards (another pro). I can definitely apply this to any class, all it requires is an intro video (done) and then some carbon paper and time........ the roles of both the learner and the educator are well laid out in the video. All it needs is some time and continued support of its' importance to the student until they can see the benefits first hand.

It would be great if some of you also tried it and we could compare notes on its' effectiveness..........what'ya say? who's with me?!

I hope you enjoy it too, feedback welcome.

Thank you and give a CIQ a try!! :)

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