Saturday, 24 October 2015

'Heutagogical' tool for teaching the independent adult learner

A tool I think would classify as a heutagogical tool (if I might call it that), would be 'Diagnostic Learning Logs' which are identified as focused academic journals that help students self evaluate their learning and adjust their needs accordingly. (Barkley, pg. 129). The tool allows the student to become more aware of themselves, take responsibility in identifying problems with learning and then find ways to overcome the learning gap(s). 

I have adopted this same tool in my course, where the student writes in their weekly journal 1) what they learned 2) what was not clear/what they don't understand "muddy points" and 3) how they will find the answers to fill that gap. This could simply mean reviewing their notes, asking for clarification or doing further research. 

How did it work?..... I began checking their journals regularly because I found that not all the students were not consistent in doing the self-reflective work unless I was checking it was effective for some (more the independent learner, but it definitely did help all the students in some capacity).  I am not sure if I should use it in my other courses or find another tool as I worry about overusing such tools.......... ........thoughts??

        Barkley, E. F. (2010). Student Engagement Techniques. A handbook for College Faculty.                 San-Fransisco:Jossey-Bass

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